A1 Building Services offer a full range of timber treatment including treatment for wood worm, the timber beetle, dry rot and wet rot.

The three most common forms of timber attack are wet rot, dry rot and beetle attack.

Dry rot is a fungus that attacks dry timbers. In buildings such an attack can be devastating as structural damage often results. Dry rot has the ability to grow through solid walls and behind plasterwork. It is good practice to remove all infected material rather than rely solely on chemical treatment.

Wet rot is a fungal attack on damp or wet timber. Superficial growth may affect surrounding masonry but damage is not usually caused to such material. Timbers most at risk are those that have come into contact with water such as from a leaking roof and timbers that are in a damp environment such as a sub floor area.

Do you have a rot problem? If you have any of these signs of rot contact us today for a survey.

Mushroom smell? White fungal growth? Cuboidal cracking in the timber? Fungal growth on timber? Damp smell around the home? Soft, cracked wood?

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